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    Oli G. Avatar
    Oli G.
    I was a student at Toronja for 2 weeks & really recommend it. The teachers are all really motivated to help the students learn Spanish. There is also positive atmosphere around the place which helps you to study in a relaxed environment. The extra circular activities are a great way to meet other students outside of lessons (especially paella night!) There are also optional interactive lessons during the afternoon where you learn things ranging from Spanish dance to how to cook Spanish food. I would definitely recommend this school & will be going back there to study myself for 2 months. Muchas gracias a todos y nos vemos pronto!
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    Floor de Laat Avatar
    Floor de Laat
    Taronja is a really nice school to learn Spanish. I would definitely recommend this when you are looking for a opportunity to study Spanish in Spain. The atmosphere is very chill and friendly, teachers like teaching and helping you. They also offer lots of fun activities everyday which you can participate in voluntarily. This helps you in meeting so many new people. I really enjoyed my time at Taronja, and I would like to return if I can 😉
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    Alberto Cerdan Ariza Avatar
    Alberto Cerdan Ariza
    Its social program is amazing, with a better atmosphere between students and teachers 🙂
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    وسام عبد الصمد Avatar
    وسام عبد الصمد
    The best language school ever. And I've been to a few to know.
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    Andrew C Avatar
    Andrew C
    5 star rating
    Nothing but positive things to say about Taronja I've spent 3 weeks at Taronja and i have nothing but positive things to say about the school. All of the lessons are really engaging and the staff incredibly helpful, friendly and patient (vital when trying to teach me a foreign language!). I'm in my mid 40's and what i particularly like is how well the school is geared up for students of all ages. Cracking stuff all round.
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    gal mussayov Avatar
    gal mussayov
    The best school for learning Spanish, the teachers care and there are lots of activities after school that give you a good feeling and fun
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    Sabina Olijve Avatar
    Sabina Olijve
    La mejor escuela de español! Quiero volver!�
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    5 star rating
    très bonne école de langue Taronja est un école de langue que je recommande vivement ! Ses cours ludiques et intéressants permettent de progresser très rapidement. L'école propose son propre matériel de cours, ce qui permet de varier les thème des cours! De plus, l'école propose un grand nombre d'activités culturelles ou festives en dehors des cours qui permettent aux élèves de connaître la région valencienne et d'apprendre à se connaître. Merci aux professeurs qui sont tous super sympa !!
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