Actividades todos los días

Cada semana ofrecemos una serie de actividades opcionales incluidas en tu curso. Están diseñadas para que practiques tu español fuera del aula, y para que conozcas a tus compañeros y profesores. Son llevadas a cabo por nuestros profesores y son básicamente gratuitas. Algunas de estas actividades didácticas son: intercambio de idiomas, clase de cocina, clase de cultura, , rutas Pasea y Aprende,  paella de bienvenida…

Paella de bienvenida

A principios de cada semana celebramos siempre nuestra noche con paella de bienvenida. Todos los alumnos de la escuela y los profesores nos reunimos y disfrutamos de una paella valenciana. Esta es una forma perfecta para conocer a tus compañeros de clase y a tus profesores en un ambiente relajado. ¡Todo el mundo está invitado! Pero recuerda, es imprescindible hablar español. De lo contrario no comerás paella 🙂

Intercambio de idiomas

Una de las actividades que organizamos frecuentemente es un intercambio de idiomas para que puedas hablar español con nativos. Allí encontrarás gente española y podrás practicar lo que has aprendido en clase. Al mismo tiempo tú les ayudarás a aprender tu idioma. ¡Es la mejor forma de practicar español y hacer amigos de Valencia!

Intercambio de idiomas 1

Los profesores son increíbles y el trabajo que hace el equipo de actividades es igual de increíble. He pasado tres meses aquí y no podría haber imaginado otro lugar. Muchas actividades geniales, la mejor paella.

Max N, Tripadvisor

Pasea y aprende

Descubre los principales edificios y lugares emblemáticos del centro de la ciudad de Valencia de una forma divertida y amena al mismo tiempo que sigues aprendiendo español a través de nuestras maravillosas rutas.

Clase de cocina española

Cada semana  podrás asistir a una clase de cocina española donde aprenderás, de la manera más divertida, a hacer diferentes recetas de la gastronomía española ¡con el gran Chef Nando!

Clases de cultura

Otra actividad didáctica que nos gusta mucho son las clases sobre diferentes aspectos de la cultura española e hispana. Desde los personajes más relevantes, hasta los lugares más emblemáticos, las ciudades más importantes, las fiestas y tradiciones más famosas, el cine, el arte y la música que nos caracteriza...


Otras actividades semanales a un coste extra

En la escuela TARONJA además de las actividades didácticas y sociales incluidas en los cursos, que hemos explicado anteriormente, organizamos muchas otras actividades durante la semana como, por ejemplo: flamenco, ruta de tapas, fiestas, cenas, cine, teatro... Intentamos que cada día nuestros estudiantes tengan algo que hacer. Es la mejor forma de conocerse entre ellos y, una manera ideal para disfrutar al máximo de la ciudad de Valencia practicando español al mismo tiempo. Estas actividades son opcionales y tienen un precio extra, pero siempre muy razonable y económico.


Fines de semana

Todos los fines de semana organizamos actividades diferentes, entre las que se encuentran viajes a localidades cercanas a Valencia, como Játiva, Sagunto, parajes naturales como La Albufera, Cullera, playas preciosas, excursiones a fiestas populares de pueblos, salidas a conciertos, ferias. Valencia es una región con mucha actividad y ¡no nos gusta perdernos nada!

¿Qué opinan nuestros alumnos de nuestros cursos de español?

Estas son algunas de las opiniones de nuestros alumnos. ¡Los premios nos los dais vosotros!

Actividades 3
Jack Lee Avatar
Jack Lee
Amazing intensive course, great online course too. Upbeat & interactive lessons and friendly staff, thank you to Jenny and the team. Legendary social program - meticulously organised, you will never be bored. I spoke no Spanish prior, then learnt tons with Taronja, whilst having tons of fun too! The worst bit is when you have to leave... I'll be trying studying Spanish with a different school in London where I live now, (only because I want to study in person with a bigger group again), but whatever school I pick has a lot to live up to... Taronja was one of the best things I ever spent my money on - I'll probably go back someday!
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Sarah Bowman Avatar
Sarah Bowman
If I can learn Spanish then anyone can! In a space of 6 weeks I went from saying "sin comentarios" in class to speaking short sentences with lovely regular, irregular and reflexive verbs ?. Teachers and administration staff are professional, friendly and supportive. I am going to miss my "chitty chats" with the Reception desk ?
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tigerb736 Avatar
5 star rating
Intensive course for 3 weeks I went to Taronja as an almost beginner in Spanish and after three weeks I think I’ve made such an improvement but I’ve also learnt so much about different cultures and I think it has been an amazing experience.
I stayed in one of the school’s shared apartments with 4-5 other students from the school all of different nationalities and we were from the age of 18-26 and that was one of things that made my time there so special because you make such deep special bonds with other people in the same situation as you.
Over the three weeks the teachers were so engaging and welcoming along with the interns. There were multiple times where after activities we’d go to a bar or get some food and you felt so welcome and they were all so enthusiastic. In lessons each teacher found a different way to make sure you were taking in everything and the lessons were always fun. They also had a massive focus on conversation which was so helpful.
At the school there was such a range of ages and nationalities but I think we all came together really well through all of the amazing activities. My favourites were the excursions and the paella parties but all of them are worth doing as they improve your Spanish and give you opportunities to meet new people.
Thank you so much Taronja for the experience
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Charlie Smith Avatar
Charlie Smith
Spending eight weeks learning Spanish in Valencia has been a rewarding experience. When I first arrived here, I had a patchy understanding of how basic Spanish grammar works, which gave me a false sense of confidence coming into the country. I was placed into a class that was far too advanced for my level, and I quickly discovered that my listening and speaking skills were practically non-existent. It is fair to say that I was completely baffed in my first week of lessons. I eventually moved down two groups, so I could work on my listening and speaking skills. This level was much more enjoyable, as I wasn’t in a permanent state of confusion. I have noticed my progress continue to grow steadily over the weeks. Now, I feel like I have enough Spanish to get by on my own and develop my skill independently. Understanding street chit-chat is becoming easier, watching Spanish T.V. is becoming more enjoyable, and I can usually interpret written texts. The teachers at Taronja are young, fun and competent people. Rather than forcing us to fill out boring and repetitive exercise sheets, they make learning more enjoyable by providing innovative activities and games to keep the classroom engaged. The timetable is constantly rotating, so we can benefit from various styles and techniques of each teacher. Valencia is a truly beautiful city in a variety of different ways. The centre of the city is built around two lively squares, made up of old monuments, statues, restaurants, and constant buzz of passing tourists. The surrounding streets are full of character and are brought to life by the detail of their design, the classical Valencian balconies, and the numerous restaurants. The Turia park is another incredible feature of the city. It used to be a large river flowing through the centre of the city, but people decided to drain it after serious floods in the 1950s. Now, it is a riverbed, which has been converted into a lush garden, where people go to escape the city, exercise and relax.
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Gosia Gniadek Avatar
Gosia Gniadek
Great classes, tona of extra activities and school parties like: Tapachat or Paella Party, Fiesta Mexicana on the beach. Ecery week on weekend there are some bigger tripa organised. It os super easy to make friends. It first I was afraid I won’t find friends my age at the school, age variety is huge so everyone easy gets along with others.
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Marilyn Drews Avatar
Marilyn Drews
As a retired teacher (university) I was very impressed with the techniques used by the instructors. The classes are engaging; the teachers are motivating and supportive. I enjoyed the diversity of students in the classroom ( countries and ages). At the beginning of each week learning outcomes are presented. Then each class starts with a review of the days learning outcomes and ends with a recap of achievements-- theory, activities, and new words. Each class offers ample opportunities to practice new skills with a wide range of activities. Everyone has numerous chances to speak in every class with carefully crafted activities that are inclusive and fun. The small group size adds to the comfort for those of us who are intimidated with learning new skills.
Classes are pitched at each student's level based on a written assessment. However, during the morning of the first class each person can assess how comfortable they are with the material. They can then move to a higher or lower level class that will more closely meet their personal learning needs.
The school also offers a wide range of activities which further engages learners with more ways to practice language skills as well as to learn about the culture of Spain. I will do another post about my decision to study in Valencia
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Kenneth Parris Avatar
Kenneth Parris
Excellent school that really focuses on the community element for the students. Teachers get involved in the activities, which is a cool sight to see, as you can get to know them outside the classroom. The lessons are well done also, as each teacher brings a different style. I also love the format of the schedule, in that, the time of classes swaps daily, and so does your teacher. Keeps things fresh. Lastly, Stefano is an EXCELLENT activity coordinator! He really enjoys being around the students and is professional.
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5 star rating
Fijne, gezellige school met veel extra activiteiten! Al een paar jaartjes probeer ik de Spaanse taal onder de knie te krijgen door privéles en zelfstudie. Dat gaat vrij aardig, maar lezen, schrijven en luisteren is niet genoeg. Vorig jaar (2018) was ik voor het eerst in Valencia voor ‘un curso intensivo’ om vooral mijn spreekvaardigheid te verbeteren. Prachtige stad trouwens! Taronja is een hele fijne, gezellige school, midden in het centrum, waar je je vanaf de eerste dag op je gemak voelt. De lessen zijn lekker afwisselend en worden gegeven door twee verschillende docenten. Daarnaast zijn behoorlijk wat extra activiteiten, waaraan je tegen een kleine vergoeding of soms zelfs gratis kunt deelnemen, zoals de wekelijkse kookdemonstratie van chef Nando, diverse gezellige avondactiviteiten en excursies, die zelfs doorgaan in het weekend… en ook dan wordt er lekker veel Spaans gesproken. Afgelopen zomer (2019) heb ik mij opnieuw laten onderdompelen in ‘el baño valenciano’ en mij opwerkt van ‘nivel B1’ naar ‘nivel B2’. Inmiddels heb ik voor de derde maal bij Taronja geboekt voor twee weken cursus in 2020. Dan ga ik proberen de lat weer wat hoger te leggen. Nu alweer zin in!
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