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Andrea Maria Bokler Avatar
Andrea Maria Bokler
- Google
Taronja is a wonderful place to be. The atmosphere is pleasant, always a friendly and warm welcome and it makes it easy to feel at home in Valencia. I like the style of teaching at Taronja: it is innovative and creative. The people at Taronja are passionate about their work, are in it with their hearts and love to teach. I benefited a lot from the special combination of learning a language and exploring the culture with all my senses (e.g. cooking class). I can warmly recommend Taronja...
Sarah Guck Avatar
Sarah Guck
- Facebook
Finally I totally recommend Taronja in Valencia!
I have learned a lot en espagñol!
Before my course I could speak nada, but afterwards not directly fluently, but I can talk with people and friends now de España, who I met here during my stay and of participating on actividades de escuela.
Everybody is very polite and open for questions, especially about espagñol 🙂

Summary I would choose this escuela otra vez!
¡Hasta luego!
Miamikelovey Avatar
1 star rating
- TripAdvisor
Deceptive marketing When I was researching language schools in Valencia, I looked at Taronja's website and was impressed by the variety of activities offered (hiking, cooking classes, city tours, paella parties, etc.). Nowhere, on their website or any of their YouTube videos did they show excursions to bullfights or Bous a la Mar (where a bull is trapped in a small area and forced to jump in the ocean even though it can't swim). I'm not an EU citizen (I'm American) so in order for me to get my one-year student visa for Spain I had to register and pay up front for 37 weeks of classes at Taronja. Prior to my registration it was made clear that once my visa was approved Taronja would not refund any of my money. After starting my classes you can imagine how disappointed I was to learn that I had just given over 7000 euros to an organization that promotes these controversial activities and I could not get my money back.
When I found out about the excursion to the bullfight I brought my concerns to the management and was told that Maxi (the owner) said it was "the intern's fault" for making the bullfight sound fun in the weekly calendar of events. That’s not true because interns do what they’re told to do – nothing more and nothing less. A few months later when the excursion for Bous a la Mar was posted on the weekly calendar, it stated that "no hay maltrato animal", which was not true at all. When I emailed Maxi to ask about that, he never responded to my email.
Given the fact that there are several Spanish schools in Valencia and almost all of them have highly-qualified teachers and many of them are located in the city center and have cultural activities such as city tours, going to flamenco shows, etc., I regret giving my money Taronja because regardless of their deceptive marketing strategies. Despite what Taronja's marketing states, Taronja is not the "best" program in Valencia with the "best" location. There are lots of schools with central locations and Taronja doesn't teach Spanish better than the other programs. Learning another language comes down to repetition, persistence, and motivation. I have friends who attended other Spanish schools in Valencia and the teaching strategies are all pretty much the same. I wish I had given my money to a Spanish school that doesn't use misleading marketing strategies.
Elena De Lazzari Avatar
Elena De Lazzari
- Google
Hi guys! I'm Elena, a 30yo Italian girl from Venice. I spent 3 weeks in the beautiful city of Valencia 4 years ago, it was my first vacation in Spain and I decided to start learning the language doing a course in Taronja. What a great choice! Days passed by super quickly, I really enjoyed the time I spent there as I felt part of a huge family. They propose interesting activities every day and night and during the week end, supporting people in interacting and meeting new friends. I learnt a lot, Professors were kind and professional and the method they use is the best I tried up to now. I planned my vacations in Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid, always matching with Spanish lessons, during the following 3 years but Taronja remains my favourite. Swapping courses timing every day gives you a lot of free time to go to the beach or visit the city. Nice idea the cooking lessons, too! Super positive feedback for you guys! That's why I decided to come back this August to spend a month with you! See you soon Elena
MauroDel58 Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor
Scuola di spagnolo a Valencia Sono tornato alla Taronja School a Valencia e come la prima volta ho ritrovato ragazzi motivati simpatici, divertenti e molto originali ma anche molto professionali, efficaci e ben organizzati.
E’ stata di nuovo una bella esperienza … grazie ragazzi!!!
Oli G. Avatar
Oli G.
- Google
I was a student at Toronja for 2 weeks & really recommend it. The teachers are all really motivated to help the students learn Spanish. There is also positive atmosphere around the place which helps you to study in a relaxed environment. The extra circular activities are a great way to meet other students outside of lessons (especially paella night!) There are also optional interactive lessons during the afternoon where you learn things ranging from Spanish dance to how to cook Spanish food. I would definitely recommend this school & will be going back there to study myself for 2 months. Muchas gracias a todos y nos vemos pronto!

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