Week nº12 from 16.03.20 to 20.03.2020

Intensive Courses follow a zig-zag schedule that combines mornings and afternoons.

T1: Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning pass and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon pass.

T2: Monday-Wednesday-Friday afternoon pass and Tuesday and Thursday morning pass.

You'll normally rotate from T1 to T2 week by week but it is possible to repeat a shift. It is necessary to check the schedule every Friday te be sure about the time of your lessons.

Please check below the list of new students and find your name to see your exact timetable.

Dear TARONJA students and friends:

Less than an hour ago the President of Spain has announces the STATE OF ALARM in our country. These are uncertain and difficult times for all of us. We do not know very well what to do or how to act but we believe that it is our responsibility to do everything in our hands to prevent the spread of the virus.

This is why we have decided to CLOSE THE SCHOOL FROM NEXT MONDAY, March 16,  for a period of 2 weeks. Now we need a few days to see how to manage this difficult situation,  so we kindly ask you for a little patience. Next week we will inform you about the different options that we will offer to pause, postpone or cancel your course.

We trust that in a few weeks we  will return to normality and continue with our wonderful TARONJA life. But now our country and our planet, is asking us to act responsibly and sensibly.

Online hugs to all and talk to you next week.