Información escuela Taronja 2020


Course packages of Intensive + Conversation/Privates

have worked out so well! Let's keep on like this!

Special discounts on weeks with public holidays

(-45€ on Intensive course and -20€ on Conversation workshop) have also worked out really well. We have even added some more dates for 2020, check them out: 01.01.20 / 06.01.20 / 24.01.20 / 19.03.20 / 10.04.20 / 13.04.20 / 01.05.20 / 24.06.20 / 11.12.20 / 25.12.20.

New course for Spanish Teachers Training

made to measure for every teacher's needs. Commissions to agents will be the same as private lessons.

Conversation Workshop

for beginners has worked out perfectly, therefore conversation workshops will continue to be available for ALL LEVELS!

Taronja is an official exam center for both DELE and SIELE

we prepare students for these exams through private lessons.

Apart from weekend and week activities at extra cost

we keep offering 5* didactic activities each week for free, or at a symbolic price

Zigzag schedule all year round.

Every student is so happy with this schedule method that we are keeping it active for the whole year. Morning pass from 09:00h to 12:40h and Afternoon pass from 14:30h to 18:10h.

We continue offering some recommended starting dates for 30+ students

PLEASE REMEMBER that these are not specific courses; it is an intensive course with recommended starting dates for 30+ in order to gather more students of that age in the following dates: 7.01.20 / 03.02.20 / 02.03.20 / 06.04.20 / 04.05.20 / 01.06.20 /06.07.20 / 20.07.20 / 03.08.20 / 17.08.20 / 07.09.20/ 05.10.20/02.11.20 / 07.12.20




We want new students to be able to start classes on Monday morning as soon as they get to the school. In order to do this, we need that the level test is completed, at least 3 weeks, before their arrival. Once the student has confirmed the course PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to send this link so they can do their test online: LEVEL TEST

TARONJA School materials

TARONJA School materials (photos, videos, texts, etc...) are provided to agencies only for direct promotion of Taronja school in the agency materials (for example the page featuring the school in the catalogue or website). These materials will NEVER be used for other PURPOSES, such as designing other parts of the agency's catalogue/website, agency's videos, etc...