Presente de subjuntivo: deseos

Para expresar deseos en español, utilizamos el presente de subjuntivo. ¿Quieres saber cómo se utiliza?

El presente de subjuntivo es una de las formas verbales que más os cuesta a los estudiantes de español. No porque sea una forma muy complicada o tenga muchos verbos irregulares, sino porque su uso, a veces, puede resultar bastante confuso. Pero, hay uno de estos usos que no se os olvidará nunca, y es el de expresar deseos:





Por ejemplo:

  • Quiero que vengas a mi fiesta de cumpleaños.
  • Espero que no llueva esta tarde, así podremos salir de compras.

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Presente de subjuntivo: deseos 2
Kelly Robinson Avatar
Kelly Robinson
I had a fantastic experience at Taronja, I was only there a week, but cannot believe how much my Spanish has improved from a very basic level. Our professors, Pablo & Teresa were wonderful, they made the classes interactive and interesting, and were excellent at making everyone feel welcome. I am already planning my next trip!
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Natalie Hotchkiss Avatar
Natalie Hotchkiss
I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 weeks at Taronja ( intensive course sept.-nov. 2017). After two years of studying Spanish at university, I by far made the biggest jump in my level of Spanish at Taronja. The classes are a good mix of grammar and culture, taught by enthusiastic teachers. In a short period of time, my speaking and understanding of grammar improved dramatically, as well as my general confidence using Spanish. The school also arranges a wide variety of interesting and fun activities that all involve present the opportunity to practise Spanish, to some extent. Valencia itself is the perfect city, with something for everyone of all ages. I could not speak higher of the school and my time there, I really do recommend Taronja, and I cannot wait to go back later on this summer!
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Lidiya Begisheva Avatar
Lidiya Begisheva
A really great place to study Spanish and interact with people from all over the world!
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rbrtzmck Avatar
5 star rating
2-week intensive course for beginners I made a huge progress during the two weeks (2016) full of modern multimedia classes, cooking lessons, sport&trips, city tours, movies and so many opportunities to listen&speak Spanish during lunch/dinner etc. The support and friendliness of the staff was amazing. Great location in the city center as well.
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Peter Hughes Avatar
Peter Hughes
I really enjoyed my time at Taronja. For me everything came together for a fantastic experience. The teachers and teaching methods are great, the school has a great atmosphere where one rapidly feels comfortable and part of what is happening. The mix of different ages is also fantastic, it is great to get so much intergenerational contact. Finally, Valencia is a fantastic city; a nice size, loads of things going on, and I would almost say that it has a spirit.
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5 star rating
MEJOR ESCUELA DE ESPAÑOL EN VALENCIA! Estuve en taronja durante cinco semanas completamente sola, fue mi primera experiencia de viaje en solitaria. A ver, yo compartía un piso con 5 chicos procedentes de todo el mundo, por eso nunca me sentí realmente sola, las clases son extructuradas muy bien, los profes competentes, cada día hay actividades diferentes muy baratas/ gratuidas y muy divertidas,las mejores fiestas en la playa. Por cualquier duda son disponibles en ayudarte, si tienes un problema tratan resolver, personas estupendas, siempre piden opiniones de los estudiantes para mejorar el servicio. Lo único mejorable son los pisos, mi alojamiento tenía la ventana frente a las tuberías de alcantarillado, por eso olía muy es culpa de ellos, los edificios en Valencia son todos muy viejos, solo tenéis que tener suerte con los pisos aja y ellos podrían seleccionarlos un poco más, y no alquilar los pejores (otros amigos míos se lamentaban de eso..) Por lo demás, experiencia total, muy aconsejada, es dinero muy bien gastado, seguro te la vas a pasar bien. Siete dei fighi, bravi!
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C Ni Bhaoill Avatar
C Ni Bhaoill
I had a great experience at this school for a week in July 2014. Great teachers and a lovely atmosphere. The classes were a good laugh, but we still learned plenty. They catered for all levels, and you could move classes if you felt you were in the wrong level. The extra activities in the afternoons and evenings also added alot - helped to meet plenty of others on the courses, and also get to know Valencia, which is a gorgeous city. Highly recommended.
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sorinbalasioiu Avatar
5 star rating
Great experience I went to this solo for 1 week. I wanted to try it first and then extend to 2 more weeks.
(when you extend you need to do it early in the week or risk all spots getting full)
Complete beginner intensive course, I was in a class of 7 people of various ages.
4 young teachers - enthusiastic and made the classes fun. When you have 4 hours (with 1 break of 20m) it's a good thing to make them fun, otherwise you will get bored and lose focus.
I can't say much about if the structure of the lessons was optimal or not, it worked for me, I was able to speak with people for a little bit after only one week without studying extra at home.
And again, they make it fun, if they just give you the top 100 verbs and conjugation for all of them and ask you to repeat them for 4 hours - it might be more effective but it would bore you to tears and you could easily do that on your own.
The best part for me was also to meet different people there from all over the world. The school has daily extra activities that you can optionally attend to and there you get to meet them.
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