La importancia de las actividades extraescolares para aprender español

Las actividades extraescolares son muy enriquecedoras para los alumnos

Las actividades extraescolares les ayudan a desarrollar sus capacidades explorando distintas formas de entretenimiento y aprendizaje. Este tipo de actividades son también una excelente excusa para socializar mientras aprenden o perfeccionan un idioma.

Trips and Excursions. Spanish in Valencia.

Las actividades extraescolares de la Escuela Taronja incluyen excursiones, fiestas, cenas, conciertos, visitas a museos, paseos educativos y competiciones deportivas.

La mayoría de ellas son gratuitas (o a un precio muy asequible) y se han convertido en una parte esencial de nuestro programa de aprendizaje.

De hecho, gracias a las actividades extraescolares nuestros estudiantes pueden disfrutar de una estancia inolvidable con nosotros mientras aprovechan al máximo su curso de español.

Nuestros cursos de español incluyen algunas actividades semanales

Paella de bienvenida

Cada semana organizamos una noche de paella valenciana para dar la bienvenida a los nuevos alumnos. En esta fiesta de bienvenida los alumnos conocen a sus compañeros y profesores en un ambiente distendido y relajado.

After-schools activities. Paella party. Learn Spanish in Valencia

Intercambio de idiomas

El intercambio de idiomas es una de las mejores formas de poner en práctica los conocimientos aprendidos en las clases de español. En estos encuentros participan españoles que también quieren aprender otros idiomas, así que tú les ayudas y ellos te ayudan a ti: ¡una forma estupenda de hacer nuevos amigos en Valencia!

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Rutas en la ciudad

En la Escuela Taronja organizamos rutas por la ciudad para que los alumnos conozcan los principales edificios y lugares emblemáticos del centro de Valencia. Estas rutas son temáticas, realizadas por nuestros profesores y son otra forma de aprender español de forma divertida.

La importancia de las actividades extraescolares para aprender español 2

Clases de cocina

Con las clases de cocina del Chef Nando, aprenderás más sobre la gastronomía mediterránea y española a la vez que mejora su conocimiento de la cultura local aprendiendo vocabulario sobre ingredientes, pasos de cocina, expresiones populares, etc.

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Otras actividades extracurriculares

También participamos en eventos populares de la ciudad y, los fines de semana, ofrecemos a nuestros alumnos actividades con excursiones a otras poblaciones, playas o entornos naturales cercanos a Valencia para pasar el día.

Este tipo de actividades son opcionales y tienen un precio extra, pero siempre son razonables y económicas para que puedan participar en ellas el mayor número de estudiantes posible.

En nuestra página web puedes consultar nuestro calendario actualizado de actividades. calendario de actividades actualizado.

Últimas noticias de Taronja School

Con nuestros cursos puedes mejorar tu expresión oral y aprender de una forma divertida y amena cómo somos los españoles.

¿Qué opinan nuestros alumnos de nuestros cursos de español?

Estas son algunas de las opiniones de nuestros alumnos. ¡Los premios nos los dais vosotros!

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Clemente Antonio Avatar
Clemente Antonio
Chicos y chicas, os aconsejo esta escuela. ¡Es Genial!
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Valerie Haigh Avatar
Valerie Haigh
I enjoyed my week very much but should have joined in more of the social activities! Also I think a week is too short as most other students were there for much longer but that was not possible for me Since returning back to my weekly class on Zoom, I am speaking much better so thank you ! Staff were lovely ....
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Charlie Smith Avatar
Charlie Smith
Spending eight weeks learning Spanish in Valencia has been a rewarding experience. When I first arrived here, I had a patchy understanding of how basic Spanish grammar works, which gave me a false sense of confidence coming into the country. I was placed into a class that was far too advanced for my level, and I quickly discovered that my listening and speaking skills were practically non-existent. It is fair to say that I was completely baffed in my first week of lessons. I eventually moved down two groups, so I could work on my listening and speaking skills. This level was much more enjoyable, as I wasn’t in a permanent state of confusion. I have noticed my progress continue to grow steadily over the weeks. Now, I feel like I have enough Spanish to get by on my own and develop my skill independently. Understanding street chit-chat is becoming easier, watching Spanish T.V. is becoming more enjoyable, and I can usually interpret written texts. The teachers at Taronja are young, fun and competent people. Rather than forcing us to fill out boring and repetitive exercise sheets, they make learning more enjoyable by providing innovative activities and games to keep the classroom engaged. The timetable is constantly rotating, so we can benefit from various styles and techniques of each teacher. Valencia is a truly beautiful city in a variety of different ways. The centre of the city is built around two lively squares, made up of old monuments, statues, restaurants, and constant buzz of passing tourists. The surrounding streets are full of character and are brought to life by the detail of their design, the classical Valencian balconies, and the numerous restaurants. The Turia park is another incredible feature of the city. It used to be a large river flowing through the centre of the city, but people decided to drain it after serious floods in the 1950s. Now, it is a riverbed, which has been converted into a lush garden, where people go to escape the city, exercise and relax.
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Daniel Olsson Avatar
Daniel Olsson
I learned a lot, had a great amount of fun and gained new friends during my two weeks in Taronja. The school offers a lot of fun activities which I would recommend anyone to participate in. The personnel are very helpful with any questions you might have. The teachers I had were great. It was learning based on a lot of interactions and dialogs as it should be. I will definitely come back for more studies and adventures with Taronja.
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5 star rating
diese Schule ist unglaublich vielseitig! Ich war für vier Wochen in Taronja zum Spanisch lernen. Und für mich war die Zeit in der Schule perfekt. Ich habe schnell und viel gelernt, die Lehrer sind offen, kompetent, hilfsbereit und haben Freude am Tun. Was die Schule für mich besonders gemacht hat, ist, dass sie einem Spanisch bei bringen, aber darüber hinaus auch viele Angebote zu Kultur und Leben stattfinden. Und ich hatte immer das Gefühl mit offenen Armen empfangen zu werden! Der perfekte Ort für einen Sprachurlaub.
Muchas gracias por el tiempo en su escuela! Vuelvo otra vez!
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5 star rating
Bellissima esperienza Taronja non è solo una scuola ma è un’esperienza.
La scuola Taronja è l’ideale per chi vuole divertirsi, vivere il mare e al contempo imparare lo spagnolo.
I professori sono tutti giovanissimi e preparati; si vede che hanno voglia di fare il loro lavoro e sono sempre disponibili.
Il punto di forza è il programma settimanale della scuola, in cui, per ogni giorno, si organizzano attività extra (la maggior parte gratuite) che vanno dalla paella di benvenuto alle feste in discoteca o in piscina.
Come studenti si possono incontrare tedeschi, svizzeri e ovviamente molti italiani, con fasce d'età ben distribuite.
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Max W Avatar
Max W
I enjoyed my classes at the Taronja school. I had nice teachers (Ne, Sa, Ya) and learned a lot of Spanish. I got a lot of attention from the teachers, the interns and the organizing staff. There are a lot of younger students (18-30) but I am sure middle-aged or older students have a lot of fun as well. I felt a little bit like back in school 18 years ago. I enjoyed this feeling.There are many activities during the week. You get the chance to talk a lot of Spanish (if you want to talk Spanish). I can't understand most bad recommendations. If you want high-educated native speakers with classes of 4 persons and the very same Spanish level someone has to tell me a country in Europe where you get this below 800 Euros a week! The price-performance ratio is very good, in my opinion. I am sure for the money you pay you get a Spanish boost and a good time (I can't say anything about the accommodations, because I stayed somewhere private). I sometimes have the feeling that in the eyes of foreigners spanish teachers and staff are expected to work for small salaries (instead of a fair salaries). Maybe this is something to reflect on and everybody is free to invest in private lessons. The new school building is very, very nice! I strongly recommend this school (also for students older than 30)!
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Lucia Angrisani Avatar
Lucia Angrisani
Profesores fantásticos, locations super bien....Todo perfecto!!!
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