La importancia de las actividades extraescolares para aprender español

Las actividades extraescolares son muy enriquecedoras para los alumnos

Las actividades extraescolares les ayudan a desarrollar sus capacidades explorando distintas formas de entretenimiento y aprendizaje. Este tipo de actividades son también una excelente excusa para socializar mientras aprenden o perfeccionan un idioma.

Trips and Excursions. Spanish in Valencia.

Las actividades extraescolares de la Escuela Taronja incluyen excursiones, fiestas, cenas, conciertos, visitas a museos, paseos educativos y competiciones deportivas.

La mayoría de ellas son gratuitas (o a un precio muy asequible) y se han convertido en una parte esencial de nuestro programa de aprendizaje.

De hecho, gracias a las actividades extraescolares nuestros estudiantes pueden disfrutar de una estancia inolvidable con nosotros mientras aprovechan al máximo su curso de español.

Nuestros cursos de español incluyen algunas actividades semanales

Paella de bienvenida

Cada semana organizamos una noche de paella valenciana para dar la bienvenida a los nuevos alumnos. En esta fiesta de bienvenida los alumnos conocen a sus compañeros y profesores en un ambiente distendido y relajado.

After-schools activities. Paella party. Learn Spanish in Valencia

Intercambio de idiomas

El intercambio de idiomas es una de las mejores formas de poner en práctica los conocimientos aprendidos en las clases de español. En estos encuentros participan españoles que también quieren aprender otros idiomas, así que tú les ayudas y ellos te ayudan a ti: ¡una forma estupenda de hacer nuevos amigos en Valencia!

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Rutas en la ciudad

En la Escuela Taronja organizamos rutas por la ciudad para que los alumnos conozcan los principales edificios y lugares emblemáticos del centro de Valencia. Estas rutas son temáticas, realizadas por nuestros profesores y son otra forma de aprender español de forma divertida.

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Clases de cocina

Con las clases de cocina del Chef Nando, aprenderás más sobre la gastronomía mediterránea y española a la vez que mejora su conocimiento de la cultura local aprendiendo vocabulario sobre ingredientes, pasos de cocina, expresiones populares, etc.

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Otras actividades extracurriculares

También participamos en eventos populares de la ciudad y, los fines de semana, ofrecemos a nuestros alumnos actividades con excursiones a otras poblaciones, playas o entornos naturales cercanos a Valencia para pasar el día.

Este tipo de actividades son opcionales y tienen un precio extra, pero siempre son razonables y económicas para que puedan participar en ellas el mayor número de estudiantes posible.

En nuestra página web puedes consultar nuestro calendario actualizado de actividades. calendario de actividades actualizado.

Últimas noticias de Taronja School

Con nuestros cursos puedes mejorar tu expresión oral y aprender de una forma divertida y amena cómo somos los españoles.

¿Qué opinan nuestros alumnos de nuestros cursos de español?

Estas son algunas de las opiniones de nuestros alumnos. ¡Los premios nos los dais vosotros!

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sandra15x9 Avatar
I spent 3 months at the Taronja School and had the best time ever! I started from scratch but the school and its methods taught me Spanish very well. You can make a lot of friends through the activities and experience a lot of culture for a small price. I'd recommend going there for your Spanish studies as well as for the fun.
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45545 Avatar
5 star rating
Amazing summer learning Spanish with Taronja I was here for two months in summer and had a really positive experience. I actually booked only for one month but ended up extending for an extra month. The classes were fun, interesting, and I felt comfortable talking, learning, (and making mistakes), with my classmates mad teachers. You need an intital assesment of your spanish skills (quick questionnaire, and a couple of minutes speaking) and then get placed into a class for your level. However, if it is too difficult, or easy, there is no problem with changing class, and I found the staff, and the headteacher, Jenny, very friendly and easy to talk to, and always happy to help with anything.
It is easy to make friends, which is important if you are coming here on your own (like me) and there were social acitivties every night. These ranged from paella nights, language exchanges, and generally drinking and socialising. Always fun. I was here in summer which would offer a bigger social life compared to low-season/ winter etc.
The lessons are varied and you use handouts, quiz games, group tasks, videos, songs, etc, in order to learn in a varied way.
I would recommend to anyone who values a more fun and social atmosphere to learn and I definitely feel like I improved a lot. In 2 months, I went from a low A2, to a B1 level, and I had a lot of practice actually speaking the Spanish that I had learned.
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Alicia Kaleja Avatar
Alicia Kaleja
Going there was the best decision ever ! �
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Daire Fallon Avatar
Daire Fallon
I did a 3 week summer Spanish course in the school.
I highly recommend. I'm a teacher myself and was very impressive by the communicative methods and the quality of the teaching.
The school offers a wonderful Co curricular programme and we really enjoyed the activities, including a tapas crawl and lots of cultural events plus a beach party.
Totally recommended.
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Sabina Olijve Avatar
Sabina Olijve
La mejor escuela de español! Quiero volver!�
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Lucia Angrisani Avatar
Lucia Angrisani
Profesores fantásticos, locations super bien....Todo perfecto!!!
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Marilyn Drews Avatar
Marilyn Drews
As a retired teacher (university) I was very impressed with the techniques used by the instructors. The classes are engaging; the teachers are motivating and supportive. I enjoyed the diversity of students in the classroom ( countries and ages). At the beginning of each week learning outcomes are presented. Then each class starts with a review of the days learning outcomes and ends with a recap of achievements-- theory, activities, and new words. Each class offers ample opportunities to practice new skills with a wide range of activities. Everyone has numerous chances to speak in every class with carefully crafted activities that are inclusive and fun. The small group size adds to the comfort for those of us who are intimidated with learning new skills.
Classes are pitched at each student's level based on a written assessment. However, during the morning of the first class each person can assess how comfortable they are with the material. They can then move to a higher or lower level class that will more closely meet their personal learning needs.
The school also offers a wide range of activities which further engages learners with more ways to practice language skills as well as to learn about the culture of Spain. I will do another post about my decision to study in Valencia
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Yonatan_Boinet Avatar
5 star rating
An Amazing school to learn and live the spanish I (20 yo) was there for two weeks for an intensive course in spanish. It was amazing!! The courses are divided in two, with two different teachers. I had the opportunity to meet 4 of them which were all amazing. The school teaches through ludic activities which allows to learn how to really speak and write spanish well. Also Taronja does a lot of activities during the week and on saturdays. The activities are a great way to meet people and learn spanish culture / see amazing landscapes (Saturdays).
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