Diferencias entre DECIR, CONTAR, HABLAR

Con estos verbos expresamos acciones relacionadas con la comunicación. En esta lección de español, os contamos las principales diferencias. 

Verbo Hablar
1. “Articular palabras” (capacidad de hablar)

Ejemplo:     – Me duele la garganta. Casi  no puedo hablar.

2. “Conversar con alguien”

Ejemplos: – Mañana hablamos, ¿vale?
                                     – He hablado con tu profesor de tus notas.

*ATENCIÓN: Observa que “hablar” es un verbo intransitivo, es decir, no necesita un “objeto directo”. Los complementos van con preposiciones (ver número 2)

Verbo Decir         
1. “Opinar”, “expresar algo con palabras”

Ejemplo:     – Mis amigos (me) dicen que haga un curso de español
                  – ¿Perdona, qué (me) dices?

2.  Expresiones comunes para expresar sorpresa e interés: “¡No me digas!” “¡Qué me dices!”

*ATENCIÓN: “Decir” es un verbo transitivo, es decir, necesita un “objeto directo” en la oración (parte subrayada). En el primer sentido (ver número 1), el verbo se suele utilizar como verbo pronominal.

Verbo Contar
1. “Numerar”

Ejemplo:     – Vamos a jugar. Escóndete donde puedas. Contaré hasta tres: uno, dos… ¡y tres!

2.  “Relatar algo”

Ejemplo: – ¿Te he contado lo que me pasó ayer en el supermercado?
              – ¡No, cuéntamelo!

Ahora ya sabéis decir, contar y, por supuesto, hablar español. ¿No estáis contentos? : D

Aprende español con Taronja School

Con nuestros cursos de español puedes mejorar tu expresión oral y aprender de una forma divertida y amena cómo somos los españoles.

¿Qué opinan nuestros alumnos de nuestros cursos de español?

Estas son algunas de las opiniones de nuestros alumnos. ¡Los premios nos los dais vosotros!

Diferencias entre DECIR, CONTAR, HABLAR 2
5 star rating
2 großartige Wochen in Valencia Die Zeit in der Escuela Taronja hat uns so gut gefallen, dass aus einer Woche Sprachkurs und einer Woche Urlaub 2 Wochen Sprachkurs wurden. Alle Mitarbeiter der Schule waren wahnsinnig nett, motiviert und hilfsbereit! Der Unterricht ist effektiv und nie langweilig! Wir haben als absolute Anfänger begonnen und waren begeistert, wie es die Lehrer schaffen, dass man trotzdem alles versteht obwohl der Unterricht ausschließlich auf Spanisch ist.
Der nächste Aufenthalt ist schon geplant!
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Christine Dowrick Avatar
Christine Dowrick
Super week learning new language, remembering forgotten fragments and updating old phrases. The course was really well structured and delivered and great fun. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. The Spanish cooking and singing sessions were the icing on the cake and the sun shone on the beautiful city of Valencia every day.
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Keith-M-Traveller Avatar
5 star rating
Taronja is a great Spanish school and also great fun! I have been to Taronja twice before, both times for 2 weeks of their intensive course. The course is for 20 lessons a week, over 4 hours each day Monday to Friday and there are also lots of cultural and social activities run by the school for students, normally without extra charges. These include cooking presentations at the school, cultural walks, lessons off-site at interesting locations, group outings to restaurants, bars and other attractions and cultural presentations at lunch-times as well as the weekly paella party for current and past students.
Teaching is done in small groups (6-10) of people with a similar level of Spanish and is done in a creative way and all in Spanish. As well as following a broad curriculum and working towards the standard learning levels, the lessons include a lot of fun activities and all sorts of diversions into exploring Spanish language and culture.
I can recommend this school very highly and Valencia is a beautiful city well-worth exploring. It is especially good during the Las Fallas festival 15-19 March each year and I will be returning to Taronja again this year 2019 to see it.
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Nathalie B. Avatar
Nathalie B.
I am student who just finished high school and decided to take a gap year and learn a language. One of my friends was in Taronja School last year for 3 months and she loved it, so she recommended me to spend some time there in Valencia. I spent 6 months in the school and had one of the best times of my life. I arrived with a very low spanish level, and weeks after weeks, I could see my progress. Later in October, I felt confortable enough with my spanish to take the DELE-B2 preparation lessons at the school as well. Coming to Valencia, I never thought I would improve that fast. Even more, the teachers are very nice and pay attention to every student in the class. Finally, what makes the school also so special are the activities, they make it very easy to meet other students and make friends as soon as you arrive. I definitely wanna come back again!
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Stefan Carlsson Avatar
Stefan Carlsson
Hola! Before I arrived to Taronja I knew that I loved the city but I did´nt know much about the school. It did´nt take long before I started to love the school as much as I loved Valencia. The school, the classes and the teachers were fun, friendly and helpful. Besides the regular courses there was always something else to do - great activities with great people to do them with. I enjoyed my stay so much that I extended it and currently planning my next one. This is a school I would recomend to anyone Nos vemos pronto, hasta luego!
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Callum McLean Avatar
Callum McLean
I have already studied at Taronja three times now over five years and I can safely say that I would never go ANYWHERE else to learn Spanish! The teachers are brilliant and the atmosphere is super-relaxed, which makes the lessons not only useful but really enjoyable and sociable. The classrooms and the whole building (with terrace and common room) are decorated really colourfully, which makes it a very comfortable and non-imposing environment to learn in - as well as a very central location, which couldn't be easier to get to. But the best thing about Taronja is the team of friendly staff and their regular programme of activities. I almost go more for the social side of things than anything else, because their regular day- and weekend-trips are so much fun that even relatively shy, grumpy people like me can't help but have a fantastic time and leave with a bunch of new international friends. I couldn't recommend Taronja enough! See you there 🙂
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4 star rating
un lugar donde ¡puedes sobresalir! Mi segunda estancia con Taronja solo duró una semana, pero, de nuevo, me di cuenta de que la calidad de los profesores (en mi caso, las profesoras, Desiré y Sara) es muy buena. Estaban dedicadas y profesionales.Tanto los profesores como los administradores son siempre muy amables. Intentan ayudarte y apoyarte todos los días. Y lo mejor, tienen paciencia y llevan una sonrisa. Muchísimas gracias a todos y por todo.
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5 star rating
La miglior scuola di Valencia Sono stata in questa scuola ad agosto 2014 per due settimane.
Alloggiavo negli appartamenti con altri studenti convenzionati con la scuola.
Posso considerare questa esperienza, la più bella mia vita, grazie anche a questa fantastica scuola.
Le lezioni si svolgevano 4 ore al mattino o al pomeriggio, a giorni alterni.
Ogni due ore si cambiava professore e le lezioni non erano noiose e teoriche, ma interattive con giochi, in modo da parlare il più possibile imparando la lingua.
Ogni sera c'era un'attività organizzata.
Il lunedì c'era il tapas tour, il martedì il paella party il giovedì il beach volley e durante il weekend organizzavano o qualche escursione o serate in discoteca.
E' una grande famiglia, che ti permette di conoscere gente da tutto il mondo, praticare la lingua 24 ore al giorno e divertirti.
I professori erano tutti simpaticissimi e preparati.
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